Florianopolis, Brazil Travel Guide

Come with me on a journey to find the best beaches in Florianopolis!

Best Beaches of Florianopolis:

Campeche Beach – One of the widest and longest stretching beaches in Florianopolis.

Joaquina Beach – Famous for its big sand dunes and surfing breaks, Joaquina has long been the most popular beach in Floripa.

Mole Beach – In recent years, Mole beach is taking over Joaquina’s thrown as the ultimate hot spot for the young, cool crowd. Come here to surf or hangout and stay for the beautiful women of Floripa!

Jureré / Jureré Internacional – This part of the island is dedicated to the rich and famous. Huge homes, beautiful beach and lots of money to go around. There is also a really cool fort close to Jureré Internacional that you should check out while you’re in the area.

Santinho Beach – Off the beaten path and a little bit of a task getting there, Santinho is a great spot to escape the crowds. Although there’s a big resort on one end of the beach, if you time it right you’ll have more than enough space to enjoy the beauty of rolling green hills crashing down into the ocean.

Lagoinha do Leste – Absolute paradise. As you saw from the video, it takes a little while to get there, but that makes it all the better. Come during high season and you’ll have to share the space with surfers… a small price to pay for perfection.