Brasilia, Brazil Travel Guide

Brazil’s innovative capital, Brasília, was designed from scratch on a plateau in the heart of the country. From above the city center looks like a bird in flight with the spacious Praça dos Três Poderes and the Modernist-style Planalto Palace at its heart, The Monumental Axis forms the body and it’s flanked by an impressive collection of cutting-edge architecture. Good observers will notice the striking contrast between the TV Tower and the National Congress, the National Museum and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Former president Kubitschek completed the capital in just 5 years, starting in 1956. Its rapid, well-orchestrated development gave Brasília its status as a protected World Heritage site. The prolific Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer was commissioned by Kubitschek to fulfill this dream and the result is truly magnificent.

His inspiration seems to flow out of the Ministry of Justice, past the National Museum, and right through the Itamaraty Palace. It fills the atrium of the National Theater and ignites the flame in the Pantheon of the Fatherland and Freedom.

While in Brazil, don’t miss the chance to see this unique city for yourself. Visit Brasília and pay homage to Niemeyer’s legacy to the world!