Travel Guide to Santorini, Grece

The trademark white-walled structures of Santorini are remaining upon one another in an upbeat issue. The limited rear ways demonstrat to us another marvel at every turn. The highest point of our home is the other house’s overhang, from where there is a flawless perspective on the dim blue water of the Aegean Ocean.

The venetian blinds summon the shade of the blue sky, the lines of cubic houses are now and again broken by a blue-domed sanctuary or a windmill. The galleries are brimming with geranium. The odor of gyros is noticeable all around, from the bistros we hear the bouzouki, and seeing the nightfall from the bars is remarkable. The sun is singing, one can notice the salty air and hear the seagulls, while down beneath the white water crafts sail towards their obscure destination.