Aladzha Monastery, the Bulgarian Riviera

The essential objective of those individuals who spend their vacation on brilliant sand is the close-by Aladia Cloister. Try not to consider something like the Meteoros or a congregation with a tower and vault. Aladia is a religious community cut in a collapse the center of a thick timberland. Just its internal parts have survived. The backwoods where it can be discovered fits in with the 1320 hectare gold sand nature save park. We can arrive by taxi or transport in the event that we don’t have an auto and it’s just a five moment stroll from the auto park. Ministers contributed a considerable measure of diligent work to make a sort of maze in the characteristic hollows of the limestone rock beginning in the sixteenth century. Everything was to be found that is not out of the ordinary in a cloister. A refectory, a kitchen, a storeroom, rooms, library, church and even a burial ground.

We can approach the hollow securely on the metal stairs and wooden asphalt constructed amid the uncovering. Cut in the bluff before the caverns, a stone church used to stand. In spite of the fact that the careful time is obscure, the congregation caved in because of a seismic tremor or avalanche and from that point forward what is left of the religious community has appeared like a cutaway view. On the open air phase of the recreation center between the religious community and the gallery, traditional music shows are hung on summer nights.

Strolling around the zone, we can see significantly more loner gives in however the grand timberland itself, brimming with birdsong and tranquility is an involvement in itself. The thick shade of the backwoods is a wonderful change after the blazing sun of the ocean side. The remaining possessions of the friars are in plain view in the little exhibition hall of the religious community and here, we can likewise take a gander at the drawing of the unearthing in cutaway structure which clarifies the development of the maze. Other than the mosaics, symbols and articles for individual use, we can become acquainted with the procedure of the unearthing as well. The subject of the show is ministerial however is finished by works of present day expressive arts.