Things to do in Sofia, Bulgaria

Now and again when you travel some place you don’t have to invest a considerable measure of energy in that specific city and/or nation to shape particular recollections and impressions. For us, our brief four day stay in Sofia, Bulgaria absolutely fit the bill. From astounding neighborhood food to road exhibitions, we attempted our best to see and do as much as we could in brief timeframe. The accompanying is a travel video we’ve assembled highlighting the top attractions and things to do in Sofia, Bulgaria:

1) Our first day in Sofia we hit the ground taking in numerous road exhibitions, becoming involved with a football horde/rally, going to real historic points and eating road sustenance. These are our early introductions of Sofia.

2) Already awed by Bulgarian road nourishment, we chose to treat ourselves to a formal dinner to further specimen Bulgarian food. At Lubimoto we devoured Chushki Burek (stuffed red peppers with feta cheddar) and Bulgarian pork loin with potatoes, cheddar and sauce. Both were heavenly!

3) Wanting to enjoy our taste buds further we went by the ever well known Made In Home eatery where we inspected Rakia and goat cheddar plate of mixed greens.

4) On our last day in Sofia we attempted to cover parts of the city we didn’t get the opportunity to visit on earlier days. A percentage of the highlights included looking at Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and seeing more road exhibitions. Those Bulgarian break artists truly do have every one of the moves!

This is a piece of our Travel in Bulgaria arrangement. We’re making a progression of recordings showcasing Bulgarian society, Bulgarian expressions, Bulgarian nourishments, Bulgarian religion and Bulgarian individuals.